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Top Publications

  1. Rajan L, Broussard D, Lozano M, Lee C, Kozak C, Dudley J. The c-myc locus is a common integration site in type B retrovirus-induced T-cell lymphomas. J Virol. 2000;74:2466-71 pubmed
    ..TBLV insertions on chromosome 15 (including a newly identified locus, Pad7) may cause c-myc overexpression by cis-acting effects at a distance...
  2. Rai S, DeMartini J, Miller A. Retrovirus vectors bearing jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus Env transduce human cells by using a new receptor localized to chromosome 3p21.3. J Virol. 2000;74:4698-704 pubmed
  3. Palmarini M, Gray C, Carpenter K, Fan H, Bazer F, Spencer T. Expression of endogenous betaretroviruses in the ovine uterus: effects of neonatal age, estrous cycle, pregnancy, and progesterone. J Virol. 2001;75:11319-27 pubmed
  4. Broussard D, Mertz J, Lozano M, Dudley J. Selection for c-myc integration sites in polyclonal T-cell lymphomas. J Virol. 2002;76:2087-99 pubmed
    ..Selection for clonal growth may occur in tumor cells that have modest c-myc overexpression after proviral insertion to prevent apoptosis...
  5. Liu S, Duh F, Lerman M, Miller A. Role of virus receptor Hyal2 in oncogenic transformation of rodent fibroblasts by sheep betaretrovirus env proteins. J Virol. 2003;77:2850-8 pubmed
  6. Yee J, Vanderford T, Didier E, Gray S, Lewis A, Roberts J, et al. Specific pathogen free macaque colonies: a review of principles and recent advances for viral testing and colony management. J Med Primatol. 2016;45:55-78 pubmed publisher
  7. Hotzel I, Cheevers W. Conservation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 gp120 inner-domain sequences in lentivirus and type A and B retrovirus envelope surface glycoproteins. J Virol. 2001;75:2014-8 pubmed
    ..Thus, the antiparallel beta-strands 5 and 25 of gp120 form an SU surface highly conserved among the lentiviruses and at least partially conserved in the type A and B retroviral envelope glycoproteins...
  8. Alberti A, Murgia C, Liu S, Mura M, Cousens C, Sharp M, et al. Envelope-induced cell transformation by ovine betaretroviruses. J Virol. 2002;76:5387-94 pubmed
    ..In addition, phosphorylated Akt was detected in a cell line derived from a lung tumor of a sheep with naturally occurring ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma...