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  1. Mazur L, Augustynek A, Halicka H, Deptała A. Induction of apoptosis in bone marrow cells after treatment of mice with WR-2721 and gamma-rays: relationship to the cell cycle. Cell Biol Toxicol. 2003;19:13-27 pubmed
    ..A modulatory, suppressive action of WR-2721 on apoptosis induction and the cell cycle perturbation caused in normal cells of the mouse bone marrow by gamma-rays was found. ..
  2. Lutz P, Tomas T, Gralewicz S, Nowakowska E. Long-term effects of acute exposure to chlorphenvinphos on behavioural responsiveness to amphetamine and scopolamine in rats. Int J Occup Med Environ Health. 2000;13:215-22 pubmed
    ..This suggests that acute exposure to CVP produced an increase in cholinergic activity which persisted long after ChE activity had returned to normal. ..
  3. Kosik Bogacka D, Banach B, Tyrakowski T, Kozłowska A, Kozłowska S. Effects of amiloride and bumetanide on ion transport in the caecum of rabbit. Pol J Pharmacol. 2003;55:213-9 pubmed
    ..As can be concluded from the above-mentioned experiments, both ion transport pathways contribute jointly to the induction of PD in the epithelium of the rabbits caecum. ..
  4. Flisikowski K, Starzyński R, Zwierzchowski L. Promoter variant-dependent expression of the STAT5A gene in bovine liver. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2004;1679:195-9 pubmed
    ..Electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA) showed that the A-->G transition at position -488 increased the STAT5A gene promoter binding capacity for liver nuclear proteins [possibly hepatic nuclear factor (HNF)-3]. ..
  5. Zalewska Kaszubska J, Cwiek W, Dyr W, Czarnecka E. Changes in the beta-endorphin plasma level after repeated treatment with acamprosate in rats selectively bred for high and low alcohol preference. Neurosci Lett. 2005;388:45-8 pubmed
    ..In WLP rats, repeated acamprosate treatment prevents the ethanol-induced increase in plasma beta-endorphin level. It may be concluded that acamprosate modulates the endogenous opioid system...
  6. Watala C. Blood platelet reactivity and its pharmacological modulation in (people with) diabetes mellitus. Curr Pharm Des. 2005;11:2331-65 pubmed
    ..Observations from clinical studies rather support the use of multifactorial strategy under such circumstances, like a combined therapy of aspirin plus either purinoreceptor blocker or GPIIb-IIIa antagonist. ..
  7. Lukasiewicz J, Niedziela T, Jachymek W, Kenne L, Lugowski C. Structure of the lipid A-inner core region and biological activity of Plesiomonas shigelloides O54 (strain CNCTC 113/92) lipopolysaccharide. Glycobiology. 2006;16:538-50 pubmed
    ..shigelloides O54 LPS, resolving the entire molecule. Biological activities and observed discrepancy between in vitro and in vivo activity of P. shigelloides and Escherichia coli LPS are discussed...
  8. Opalka D, Kaminska B, Piskula M, Puchajda Skowronska H, Dusza L. Effects of phytoestrogens on testosterone secretion by Leydig cells from Bi?goraj ganders (Anser anser). Br Poult Sci. 2006;47:237-45 pubmed
    ..In vitro treatment with phytoestrogen inhibited testosterone production by Leydig cells. Genistein showed the strongest effect and coumestrol had the weakest influence on testicular secretion. ..
  9. Pawlikowski M. Immunohistochemical detection of angiotensin receptors AT1 and AT2 in normal rat pituitary gland, estrogen-induced rat pituitary tumor and human pituitary adenomas. Folia Histochem Cytobiol. 2006;44:173-7 pubmed
    ..The expression of AT2 receptors, in turn, may be connected with the process of tumoral neo-angiogenesis. ..

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  1. Pajtasz Piasecka E, Rossowska J, Dus D, Weber Dabrowska B, Zabłocka A, Gorski A. Bacteriophages support anti-tumor response initiated by DC-based vaccine against murine transplantable colon carcinoma. Immunol Lett. 2008;116:24-32 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, pretreatment of DCs with the phages may be considered as a beneficial element of a novel strategy in anti-tumor immunotherapy. ..
  2. Wojas S, Clemens S, Hennig J, Sklodowska A, Kopera E, Schat H, et al. Overexpression of phytochelatin synthase in tobacco: distinctive effects of AtPCS1 and CePCS genes on plant response to cadmium. J Exp Bot. 2008;59:2205-19 pubmed publisher
    ..The results indicate that contrasting responses to cadmium of plants overexpressing PCS genes might result from species-dependent differences in the activity of phytochelatin synthase produced by the transgenes. ..
  3. Zyłka R, Kleszczyńska H, Kupiec J, Bonarska Kujawa D, Hladyszowski J, Przestalski S. Modifications of erythrocyte membrane hydration induced by organic tin compounds. Cell Biol Int. 2009;33:801-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Phenyl tin compounds penetrate membranes to an intermediate depth. The results obtained indicate that the destructive properties of the organometallic compounds depend mostly on their effect on hydration of the membrane...
  4. Watala C, Dobaczewski M, Kazmierczak P, Gebicki J, Nocun M, Zitnanova I, et al. Resorcylidene aminoguanidine induces antithrombotic action that is not dependent on its antiglycation activity. Vascul Pharmacol. 2009;51:275-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results indicate that designing novel RAG derivatives with optimal antithrombotic and antiglycation activities may prove useful to treat diabetic complications. ..
  5. Jozefowski S, Marcinkiewicz J. Aggregates of denatured proteins stimulate nitric oxide and superoxide production in macrophages. Inflamm Res. 2010;59:277-89 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, the tissue injury observed in amyloidosis may result from overstimulation of mechanisms that, under physiological conditions, enable macrophages to recognize and remove denatured proteins. ..
  6. Majewski Ł, Sobczak M, Redowicz M. Myosin VI is associated with secretory granules and is present in the nucleus in adrenal medulla chromaffin cells. Acta Biochim Pol. 2010;57:109-14 pubmed
    ..The presented data indicate that MVI in adrenal medulla cells is engaged in secretory vesicle trafficking within the cytoplasm and possibly also involved in transport within the nucleus...
  7. Jozefiak D, Rutkowski A, Kaczmarek S, Jensen B, Engberg R, Højberg O. Effect of ? -glucanase and xylanase supplementation of barley- and rye-based diets on caecal microbiota of broiler chickens. Br Poult Sci. 2010;51:546-57 pubmed publisher
  8. Dembinski A, Warzecha Z, Ceranowicz P, Cieszkowski J, Dembinski M, Ptak Belowska A, et al. Administration of obestatin accelerates the healing of chronic gastric ulcers in rats. Med Sci Monit. 2011;17:BR196-200 pubmed
    ..These effects are associated with a reduction in mucosal expression of pro-inflammatory IL-1beta and TNF-alpha. ..
  9. Knapp M. Cardioprotective role of sphingosine-1-phosphate. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2011;62:601-7 pubmed
    ..It is suggested, that development of specific S1P agonists and compounds modifying activity of the two enzymes could provide important therapeutic tools in the treatment of the heart infarct. ..
  10. Kubera M, Curzytek K, Majewska Szczepanik M, Szczepanik M, Marcińska K, Ptak W, et al. Inhibitory effect of antidepressant drugs on contact hypersensitivity reaction. Pharmacol Rep. 2012;64:714-22 pubmed
    ..The observed effect of antidepressant drugs on CS reaction is consistent with the hypothesis that T-cell mediated immunity is targeted by antidepressants. ..
  11. Wypasek E, Natorska J, Mazur A, Kołaczkowska E. Toll-like receptors expression and NF-?B activation in peritoneal leukocytes in morphine-mediated impairment of zymosan-induced peritonitis in swiss mice. Arch Immunol Ther Exp (Warsz). 2012;60:373-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally, during zymosan-induced peritonitis, morphine may modulate the NF-?B expression, at least partially, by an up-regulated release of NO, as suggested by others...
  12. Bienert A, Wiczling P, Grześkowiak E, Cywiński J, Kusza K. Potential pitfalls of propofol target controlled infusion delivery related to its pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Pharmacol Rep. 2012;64:782-95 pubmed
    ..g., hypoalbuminemia. In the future, data obtained under these "extreme" clinical circumstances, may be used to modify the dosage algorithms of propofol TCI systems to match the clinical scenario. ..
  13. Kycko A, Reichert M. Overexpression of aldolase A and cytokeratin 19 in ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma. Pol J Vet Sci. 2012;15:703-9 pubmed
    ..The results indicate that the overexpression of the two proteins reflects the presence of neoplastic cells in the lungs of OPA affected sheep. ..
  14. Meissner J, Toporkiewicz M, Czogalla A, Matusewicz L, Kuliczkowski K, Sikorski A. Novel antisense therapeutics delivery systems: In vitro and in vivo studies of liposomes targeted with anti-CD20 antibody. J Control Release. 2015;220:515-528 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, we show that lipid formulations based on a polyplex or lipoplex backbone additionally equipped with antibodies are promising non-viral vectors for specific oligonucleotide transfer into human tumor cells. ..
  15. Gu S, Kumar M, Sikorska B, Hejduk J, Markowski J, Markowski M, et al. Isolation and partial characterization of a highly divergent lineage of hantavirus from the European mole (Talpa europaea). Sci Rep. 2016;6:21119 pubmed publisher
    ..Neuropathological examination showed astrocytic and microglial activation and neuronal loss. The first mole-borne hantavirus isolate will facilitate long-overdue studies on its infectivity and pathogenic potential in humans. ..
  16. Szumilak M, Galdyszynska M, Domińska K, Bak Sypień I, Merecz Sadowska A, Stanczak A, et al. Synthesis, Biological Activity and Preliminary in Silico ADMET Screening of Polyamine Conjugates with Bicyclic Systems. Molecules. 2017;22: pubmed publisher
    ..The promising biological activity, DNA intercalative binding mode and favorable drug-like properties of bis(naphthalene-2-carboxamides) make them a good lead for further development of potential anticancer drugs. ..
  17. Winnicka M, Braszko J, Wisniewski K. Solcoseryl improves learning and memory in rats. Acta Physiol Hung. 1996;84:55-62 pubmed
    ..p. injection of 1.0 ml/kg of S, and on consolidation after 0.75 ml/kg. These data indicate that S may positively affect the CNS processes responsible for learning and memory. ..
  18. Godlewski G, Malinowska B, Buczko W, Schlicker E. Inhibitory H3 receptors on sympathetic nerves of the pithed rat: activation by endogenous histamine and operation in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol. 1997;355:261-6 pubmed
    ..Moreover, it demonstrates that these H3 receptors are probably activated by endogenous histamine and appear to be operative in hypertension. ..
  19. Kaleczyc J, Timmermans J, Majewski M, Lakomy M, Scheuermann D. Immunohistochemical characteristics of nerve fibres supplying the porcine vas deferens. A colocalisation study. Histochem Cell Biol. 1997;107:229-41 pubmed
    ..The possibility of different sources of origin of the particular nerve fibre subpopulations supplying the porcine vas deferens and its blood vessels is discussed. ..
  20. Polak M, Zmudzinski J. Prevalence of bovine viral diarrhea virus infection in bulls in artificial insemination centers in Poland. Vet Microbiol. 1999;64:253-7 pubmed
    ..Neutralizing antibodies were found in 86% of the bulls. Persistent infection (PI) was detected in 0.9% of the analyzed blood samples. ..
  21. Wardas J, Konieczny J, Lorenc Koci E. SCH 58261, an A(2A) adenosine receptor antagonist, counteracts parkinsonian-like muscle rigidity in rats. Synapse. 2001;41:160-71 pubmed
    ..The ability of SCH 58261 to diminish the parkinsonian-like muscle rigidity and to potentiate the effect of L-DOPA in this model seems to indicate a therapeutic value of this compound in the treatment of Parkinson's disease...
  22. Zych K, Toukach F, Arbatsky N, Kolodziejska K, Senchenkova S, Shashkov A, et al. Structure of the O-specific polysaccharide of Proteus mirabilis D52 and typing of this strain to Proteus serogroup O33. Eur J Biochem. 2001;268:4346-51 pubmed
    ..mirabilis O16 and P. penneri 103, which have structurally different O-polysaccharides. The role of charged groups, Rib-ol-5-P and Etn-P in the immunospecificity is discussed...
  23. Pomorski L, Bartos M, Okruszek A, Matejkowska M, Tazbir J, Kuzdak K. Carcinogenic effect of combined administration of 2,4-diaminoanisole sulfate, 4,4'-thiodianiline and N,N'-diethylthiourea in male Wistar rats. Neoplasma. 2002;49:247-50 pubmed
    ..Hepatocellular adenoma was induced in 2 of 17 rats (12%). Papillary thyroid carcinoma metastasis was found in the lung of 1 rat. No neoplastic tumors were found in kidney, spleen, stomach and testis tissue. ..
  24. Rahden Staron I, Szumiło M, Grosicka E, Kraakman van der Zwet M, Zdzienicka M. Defective Brca2 influences topoisomerase I activity in mammalian cells. Acta Biochim Pol. 2003;50:139-44 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that the observed changes in the topoisomerase I activity in V-C8 are due to the defective function of the Brca2 gene. ..
  25. Hendrich A, Wesołowska O, Poła A, Motohashi N, Molnar J, Michalak K. Neither lipophilicity nor membrane-perturbing potency of phenothiazine maleates correlate with the ability to inhibit P-glycoprotein transport activity. Mol Membr Biol. 2003;20:53-60 pubmed
    ..No clear relation was found between effects exerted by phenothiazine maleates on model membranes and their ability to modulate P-glycoprotein transport activity. ..
  26. Ryng S, Zimecki M, Maczyński M, Chodaczek G, Kocieba M. Immunosuppressive activity of an isoxazolo[5,4-e]triazepine--compound RM33. I. Effects on the humoral and cellular immune response in mice. Pharmacol Rep. 2005;57:195-202 pubmed
    ..In summary, the presented results revealed immunosuppressive properties of RM33, which could be associated with its selective interference with co-stimulatory signals provided by adjuvant at initiation of the immune response. ..
  27. Pałecz D, Komuński R, Gabryelak T. Na+K+-ATPase activity as a biomarker of toxaphene toxicity in Unio tumidus. Toxicol In Vitro. 2005;19:707-12 pubmed
    ..The Lineweaver-Burk plots for microsomal Na+K+-ATPase in the presence or the absence of toxaphene as an inhibitor indicated a competitive type of inhibition. ..
  28. Ksiazkiewicz L. Recent achievements in in vitro culture and preservation of ovarian follicles in mammals. Reprod Biol. 2006;6:3-16 pubmed
  29. Filip M, Frankowska M, Gołda A, Zaniewska M, Vetulani J, Przegalinski E. Various GABA-mimetic drugs differently affect cocaine-evoked hyperlocomotion and sensitization. Eur J Pharmacol. 2006;541:163-70 pubmed
    ..The finding that vigabatrin protected against the development and the expression of cocaine sensitization further supports its therapeutic potential in the treatment of cocaine dependence. ..
  30. Łapot M, Ciechanowska M, Malewski T, Misztal T, Mateusiak K, Przekop F. The effect of stress on the expression of GnRH and GnRH receptor genes in the discrete regions of the hypothalamus and pituitary of anestrous ewes. Reprod Biol. 2007;7:55-71 pubmed
    ..It is suggested that the increase of expression of GnRH and GnRH-R genes in anestrous ewes are not directly related to GnRH level and GnRH-R activity. ..
  31. Wieronska J, Legutko B, Dudys D, Pilc A. Olfactory bulbectomy and amitriptyline treatment influences mGlu receptors expression in the mouse brain hippocampus. Pharmacol Rep. 2008;60:844-55 pubmed
    ..The results obtained indicate an influence of OB on mGlu receptors levels in the hippocampus, and the OB-induced effect can be reversed by chronic AMI treatment in the case of mGlu1a, mGlu2/3 and mGlu7 receptors. ..
  32. Gajewska M, Sobolewska A, Kozlowski M, Motyl T. Role of autophagy in mammary gland development. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2008;59 Suppl 9:237-49 pubmed
    ..There are also evidences of involvement of Atg's in epithelial tumors development. Context dependent manipulations of autophagic pathways may create more effective anticancer therapies in the future. ..
  33. Matowicka Karna J, Dymicka Piekarska V, Kemona H. Does Toxoplasma gondii infection affect the levels of IgE and cytokines (IL-5, IL-6, IL-10, IL-12, and TNF-alpha)?. Clin Dev Immunol. 2009;2009:374696 pubmed publisher
    ..The study has revealed that patients infected with T. gondii show increased production of the humoral response cytokines, whereas the generation of the cell response cytokines remains unchanged. ..
  34. Pi rkowska K, Tyra M, Rogoz M, Ropka Molik K, Oczkowicz M, R zycki M. Association of the melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R) with feed intake, growth, fatness and carcass composition in pigs raised in Poland. Meat Sci. 2010;85:297-301 pubmed publisher
    ..52cm in PL, P<0.01) and decreased lean meat content (total weight of ham was 0.5kg greater in G/G than in A/A Pu?awska animals). We obtained an unexpected result for IMF: higher percentage of IMF was observed in the G/G genotype...
  35. Romański K. Analysis of the excitatory motor response evoked by nicotinic and muscarinic blockade of ovine small bowel. Pharmacol Rep. 2010;62:292-303 pubmed
    ..e., phase 3-like activity and RE of different intensity, duration, and repeatability in fasted and non-fasted sheep. These stimulatory effects may resemble unorganized phases of the MMC. ..
  36. Kocić I, Racek Król B, Wapniarska I, Rusiecka I, Wasilewski R, Bitel M. Antiplatelet effect of statins is augmented in diabetic rabbits. Pharmacol Rep. 2010;62:410-3 pubmed
    ..Our results indicate that diabetes increases the rate of platelet aggregation in rabbits and increases antiplatelet efficacy of statins due to interactions with leptin. ..
  37. Hauschild T, Sliżewski P, Masiewicz P. Species distribution of staphylococci from small wild mammals. Syst Appl Microbiol. 2010;33:457-60 pubmed publisher
    ..More than 90% of the 55 S. succinus strains isolated belonged to S. succinus subsp. casei and only 9% to S. succinus subsp. succinus. Moreover, the present study describes the first ever isolation of S. fleurettii from healthy animals...
  38. Gregoraszczuk E, Ptak A, Rak Mardyła A, Falandysz J. Differential accumulation of HCBz and PeCBz in porcine ovarian follicles and their opposing actions on steroid secretion and CYP11, CYP17, 17?-HSD and CYP19 protein expression. A tissue culture approach. Reprod Toxicol. 2011;31:494-9 pubmed publisher
    ..As one of the mechanisms of action, we propose modulation of steroidogenic enzymes expression. ..
  39. Lukaszewska J, Allison R, Stepkowska J. Congenital Pelger-Huët anomaly in a Danish/Swedish Farmdog: case report. Acta Vet Scand. 2011;53:14 pubmed publisher
    ..To the authors' knowledge this is the first report of PHA in a Danish/Swedish Farmdog. ..
  40. Gundermann K, KUENKER A, Kuntz E, Droździk M. Activity of essential phospholipids (EPL) from soybean in liver diseases. Pharmacol Rep. 2011;63:643-59 pubmed
    ..EPL-related relevant side effects were not observed. ..
  41. Wielgat P, Braszko J. Significance of the cell adhesion molecules and sialic acid in neurodegeneration. Adv Med Sci. 2012;57:23-30 pubmed publisher
    ..These mechanisms protect from excitotoxic damage and promote dendritic/spine re-growth. This review briefly focuses on the expression and role of PSA-NCAM in neurodegenerative diseases and its potential application in therapy. ..
  42. Rogóż Z. Effect of co-treatment with mirtazapine and risperidone in animal models of the positive symptoms of schizophrenia in mice. Pharmacol Rep. 2012;64:1567-72 pubmed
    ..Further studies are necessary to elucidate its mechanism of action. ..
  43. Radzijevskaja J, Paulauskas A, Aleksandravičienė A, Jonauskaite I, Stanko M, Karbowiak G, et al. New records of spotted fever group rickettsiae in Baltic region. Microbes Infect. 2015;17:874-8 pubmed publisher
    ..6%. Our study is the first demonstration of the presence of R. raoultii in D. reticulatus ticks in the Baltic countries and R. helvetica in questing I. ricinus ticks in Lithuania. ..
  44. Tamschick S, Rozenblut Kościsty B, Ogielska M, Lehmann A, Lymberakis P, Hoffmann F, et al. Impaired gonadal and somatic development corroborate vulnerability differences to the synthetic estrogen ethinylestradiol among deeply diverged anuran lineages. Aquat Toxicol. 2016;177:503-14 pubmed publisher
    ..The inter-species variation in developmental EE2-effects corroborates species-specific vulnerability differences towards EDCs between deeply diverged amphibian groups. ..
  45. Gburek J, Verroust P, Willnow T, Fyfe J, Nowacki W, Jacobsen C, et al. Megalin and cubilin are endocytic receptors involved in renal clearance of hemoglobin. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2002;13:423-30 pubmed
    ..The findings may prove to be essential for further research on the pathophysiology of hemoglobinuric acute renal failure and proteinuria-associated tubulointerstitial nephritis. ..
  46. Walczak A, Antosiewicz J. Langevin dynamics of proteins at constant pH. Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys. 2002;66:051911 pubmed
    ..Possible improvements of this methodology, using achievements from other fields of mesoscopic biomolecular simulations, are also discussed. ..
  47. Hendrich A, Michalak K. Lipids as a target for drugs modulating multidrug resistance of cancer cells. Curr Drug Targets. 2003;4:23-30 pubmed
    ..Some further consequences of the alteration of membrane state are also considered...
  48. Lipinski P, Starzynski R, Drapier J, Bouton C, Bartlomiejczyk T, Sochanowicz B, et al. Induction of iron regulatory protein 1 RNA-binding activity by nitric oxide is associated with a concomitant increase in the labile iron pool: implications for DNA damage. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005;327:349-55 pubmed
    ..We demonstrate that the increase in LIP levels in response to chronic but not burst exposure of L5178Y cells to NO is associated with alterations in the expression of proteins involved in iron metabolism. ..
  49. Gryglewski R. Pharmacology of vascular endothelium. Delivered on 27 June 2004 at the 29th FEBS Congress in Warsaw. FEBS J. 2005;272:2956-67 pubmed
    ..I tried to examine the validity of this conception according to the general rule: in vitro cognitio sed in vivo veritas. ..
  50. Wesołowska A, Nikiforuk A, Stachowicz K, Tatarczyńska E. Effect of the selective 5-HT7 receptor antagonist SB 269970 in animal models of anxiety and depression. Neuropharmacology. 2006;51:578-86 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, the results of our studies indicate that 5-HT7 receptor antagonists may play a role in the therapy of both anxiety and depression. ..
  51. Milik E, Szczepanska Sadowska E, Cudnoch Jedrzejewska A, Dobruch J, Morton M, Koperski L. Upregulation of angiotensin AT1a receptors mRNA in the heart and renal medulla after myocardial infarction in rats. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2006;57:375-88 pubmed
    ..The results provide evidence that the myocardial infarct results in significant and prolonged upregulation of AT1a receptors mRNA expression in the heart and in the medullary region of the kidney. ..
  52. Godlewski G, Schlicker E, Baranowska U, Malinowska B. Recruitment of functionally active heart beta2-adrenoceptors in the initial phase of endotoxic shock in pithed rats. Shock. 2006;26:510-5 pubmed
    ..The pithed rat may serve as a model to examine the beta-adrenoceptor supersensitivity in vivo...
  53. Nawrot Porabka K, Jaworek J, Leja Szpak A, Szklarczyk J, Macko M, Kot M, et al. The effect of luminal ghrelin on pancreatic enzyme secretion in the rat. Regul Pept. 2007;143:56-63 pubmed
    ..Activation of vagal reflexes and CCK release as well as central mechanisms could be implicated in the stimulatory effect of luminal ghrelin on the pancreatic exocrine functions. ..
  54. Zubrzycka M, Janecka A. Interactions of galanin with endomorphin-2, vasopressin and oxytocin in nociceptive modulation of the trigemino-hypoglossal reflex in rats. Physiol Res. 2008;57:769-76 pubmed
    ..The present results demonstrate that in the orofacial area analgesic activity is modulated by GAL, OT and AVP and that EM-2-induced antinociception involves GAL. ..
  55. Barycka E. Malocclusion in a cave lion Panthera spelaea. J Vet Dent. 2007;24:172-3 pubmed
  56. Nowak M, Madej J, Dziegiel P. Correlation between MCM-3 protein expression and grade of malignancy in mammary adenocarcinomas and soft tissue fibrosarcomas in dogs. In Vivo. 2009;23:49-53 pubmed
    ..52 for adenocarcinomas; p<0.05) between MCM-3 expression and grade of malignancy in the studied tumours. MCM-3 may provide a sensitive and useful marker of proliferative potential in various histological types of neoplastic tumours. ..
  57. Gluba A, Banach M, Mikhailidis D, Rysz J. Genetic determinants of cardiovascular disease: the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, paraoxonases, endothelin-1, nitric oxide synthase and adrenergic receptors. In Vivo. 2009;23:797-812 pubmed
    ..The unravelling of genetic determinants of CAD may be the first step towards a better understanding of the pathological process involved, the early identification of those at risk and individualizing treatment. ..
  58. Filip M, Bader M. Overview on 5-HT receptors and their role in physiology and pathology of the central nervous system. Pharmacol Rep. 2009;61:761-77 pubmed
    ..Additionally, we also introduce the recent knowledge about the 5-HT receptor ligands in preclinical research, clinical trials and as approved drugs. ..
  59. Noszczyk Nowak A, Nowak M, Paslawska U, Atamaniuk W, Nicpon J. Cases with manifestation of chemodectoma diagnosed in dogs in Department of Internal Diseases with Horses, Dogs and Cats Clinic, Veterinary Medicine Faculty, University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland. Acta Vet Scand. 2010;52:35 pubmed publisher
    ..An immunohistochemical examination is vital for the diagnosis since it allows to differentiate histologically distinct types of neoplasia which may locate in the same site and may manifest a similar histological pattern. ..
  60. Jarzynska G, Falandysz J. Selenium and 17 other largely essential and toxic metals in muscle and organ meats of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus)--consequences to human health. Environ Int. 2011;37:882-8 pubmed publisher
    ..When these are consumed by the Deer, the amount of Cd sequestered with metallothioneins and retained in the organ and muscle meat in this study is low enough to be considered safe for human consumption. ..
  61. Michalczyk M, Macura R, Tesarowicz I, Banaś J. Effect of adding essential oils of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) and hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis L.) on the shelf life of ground beef. Meat Sci. 2012;90:842-50 pubmed publisher
    ..This indicates the limited effect of these essential oils in the concentrations applied on preserving vacuum-packed minced beef. ..
  62. Kiryk A, Mochol G, Filipkowski R, Wawrzyniak M, Lioudyno V, Knapska E, et al. Cognitive abilities of Alzheimer's disease transgenic mice are modulated by social context and circadian rhythm. Curr Alzheimer Res. 2011;8:883-92 pubmed
    ..The novel approach to study the transgenic mice cognitive abilities presented in this paper offers new insight into cognitive dysfunctions of the Alzheimer's disease mouse model. ..
  63. Piechota Polańczyk A, Gorąca A. Influence of specific endothelin-1 receptor blockers on hemodynamic parameters and antioxidant status of plasma in LPS-induced endotoxemia. Pharmacol Rep. 2012;64:1434-41 pubmed
    ..Blockage of ETA-R improved plasma antioxidant status and decreased lipid peroxidation and TNF-α production, but it deteriorated hemodynamic conditions. ..
  64. Adamska A, Kluczyk A, Cerlesi M, Calo G, Janecka A, Borics A. Synthesis, biological evaluation and structural analysis of novel peripherally active morphiceptin analogs. Bioorg Med Chem. 2016;24:1582-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Docking studies and the comparison of results with the high resolution crystallographic structure of a MOR-agonist complex revealed possible structure-activity relationships of this compound family. ..
  65. Obniska J, Rapacz A, Rybka S, Góra M, Kamiński K, Sałat K, et al. Synthesis, and anticonvulsant activity of new amides derived from 3-methyl- or 3-ethyl-3-methyl-2,5-dioxo-pyrrolidin-1-yl-acetic acids. Bioorg Med Chem. 2016;24:1598-607 pubmed publisher
    ..Several molecules showed antinociceptive and local anesthetic properties. The in vitro radioligand binding studies demonstrated that the influence on the sodium and calcium channels may be one of the essential mechanisms of action. ..
  66. Pawełczak K, Makowski M, Kempny M, Dzik J, Gołos B, Rode W, et al. Sulfamide antifolates inhibiting thymidylate synthase: synthesis, enzyme inhibition and cytotoxicity. Acta Biochim Pol. 2002;49:407-20 pubmed
    ..Substitution of the glutamyl residue in compound 4 with L-norvaline (9) resulted in only a 5-fold stronger thymidylate synthase inhibitor, but a 40-fold weaker cell growth inhibitor. ..
  67. Gebicka L, Didik J. Catalytic scavenging of peroxynitrite by catalase. J Inorg Biochem. 2009;103:1375-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The possible reaction mechanisms of the decay of peroxynitrite catalyzed by catalase and physiological relevance of this reaction are discussed. ..
  68. Olbryt M, Habryka A, Tyszkiewicz T, Rusin A, Cichon T, Jarząb M, et al. Melanoma-associated genes, MXI1, FN1, and NME1, are hypoxia responsive in murine and human melanoma cells. Melanoma Res. 2011;21:417-25 pubmed publisher
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    ..The second effect, most likely related to the activation of 5-HT(7) receptors located on interneurons, results in an enhancement of the release of GABA. ..
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