Ce Zhou Zhao



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    ..The k-value of the as-deposited films clearly shows a mixed CS and HN dependence on frequency. The CS dependence vanished after annealing in air, while the HN dependence disappeared after annealing in nitrogen. ..
  2. Wu J, Zhao Y, Zhao C, Yang L, Lu Q, Zhang Q, et al. Effects of Rapid Thermal Annealing on the Structural, Electrical, and Optical Properties of Zr-Doped ZnO Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition. Materials (Basel). 2016;9: pubmed publisher
    ..The best annealing temperature is found in the range of 350-550 °C. The ZnO:Zr film-coated glass substrates show good optical and electrical performance up to 550 °C during superstrate thin film solar cell deposition. ..
  3. Zhao C, Zhao C, Taylor S, Chalker P. Review on Non-Volatile Memory with High-k Dielectrics: Flash for Generation Beyond 32 nm. Materials (Basel). 2014;7:5117-5145 pubmed publisher
    ..Application of high-k dielectric as charge trapping layer, blocking layer, and tunneling layer is comprehensively discussed accordingly. ..
  4. Zhao C, Zhao C, Lu Q, Yan X, Taylor S, Chalker P. Hysteresis in Lanthanide Aluminum Oxides Observed by Fast Pulse CV Measurement. Materials (Basel). 2014;7:6965-6981 pubmed publisher
    ..After understanding the trapping/detrapping mechanism of the high-k oxides, a solid foundation was prepared for further exploration into charge-trapping non-volatile memory in the future. ..
  5. Lu Q, Mu Y, Roberts J, Althobaiti M, Dhanak V, Wu J, et al. Electrical Properties and Interfacial Studies of HfxTi1-xO? High Permittivity Gate Insulators Deposited on Germanium Substrates. Materials (Basel). 2015;8:8169-8182 pubmed publisher
    ..Consideration of the energy band diagrams for the different materials systems also provides a possible explanation for the observed leakage current behavior. ..
  6. Tao J, Zhao C, Zhao C, Taechakumput P, Werner M, Taylor S, et al. Extrinsic and Intrinsic Frequency Dispersion of High-k Materials in Capacitance-Voltage Measurements. Materials (Basel). 2012;5:1005-1032 pubmed publisher
    ..Dielectric relaxation mechanisms are also discussed. ..
  7. Lu Q, Zhao C, Mu Y, Zhao C, Taylor S, Chalker P. Hysteresis in Lanthanide Zirconium Oxides Observed Using a Pulse CV Technique and including the Effect of High Temperature Annealing. Materials (Basel). 2015;8:4829-4842 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, the leakage current density increase from about 10-? A/cm² at Vg = +0.5 V for the as-deposited sample to 10-3 A/cm² at Vg = +0.5 V for the 900 °C annealed one. ..