Hans Hacker


Affiliation: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Country: USA


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    Hacker H, Redecke V, Blagoev B, Kratchmarova I, Hsu L, Wang G, et al. Specificity in Toll-like receptor signalling through distinct effector functions of TRAF3 and TRAF6. Nature. 2006;439:204-7 pubmed
  2. Ippagunta S, Pollock J, Sharma N, Lin W, Chen T, Tawaratsumida K, et al. Identification of Toll-like receptor signaling inhibitors based on selective activation of hierarchically acting signaling proteins. Sci Signal. 2018;11: pubmed publisher
    ..These results validate this phenotypic screening approach and suggest that the MPP scaffold could serve as a starting point for the development of anti-inflammatory drugs. ..
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    Hacker H, Karin M. Regulation and function of IKK and IKK-related kinases. Sci STKE. 2006;2006:re13 pubmed
    ..Together, the IKKs and IKK-related kinases are instrumental for activation of the host defense system. This Review focuses on the functions of IKK and IKK-related kinases and the molecular mechanisms that regulate their activities. ..
  4. Hacker H, Tseng P, Karin M. Expanding TRAF function: TRAF3 as a tri-faced immune regulator. Nat Rev Immunol. 2011;11:457-68 pubmed publisher
    ..In this Review, we discuss our current understanding of the role of TRAF3 in TNFR and TLR signalling pathways, and its role in disease. ..
  5. Tawaratsumida K, Phan V, Hrincius E, High A, Webby R, Redecke V, et al. Quantitative proteomic analysis of the influenza A virus nonstructural proteins NS1 and NS2 during natural cell infection identifies PACT as an NS1 target protein and antiviral host factor. J Virol. 2014;88:9038-48 pubmed publisher
    ..These observations provide an important piece of information on how IAV efficiently counteracts the host immune defense. ..
  6. Ippagunta S, Gangwar R, Finkelstein D, Vogel P, Pelletier S, Gingras S, et al. Keratinocytes contribute intrinsically to psoriasis upon loss of Tnip1 function. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016;113:E6162-E6171 pubmed
    ..Together, the data establish Tnip1 as a critical regulator of IL-17 biology and reveal a causal role of keratinocytes in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. ..