D Luke Glancy


Affiliation: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
Country: USA


  1. Rahman M, Hanna E, Glancy D. Ventricular Septal Defect in a 66-Year-Old Man. Am J Cardiol. 2018;122:699-700 pubmed publisher
    ..His electrocardiogram demonstrated biatrial enlargement and biventricular hypertrophy. Presentation at this age is unusual for this type of shunt. ..
  2. Seifu S, Ahmed J, Wilklow F, Jain N, Yount R, Subramaniam P, et al. Type I Second Degree Atrioventricular Block in a Woman With Remote Repair of a Ventricular Septal Defect. Am J Cardiol. 2018;: pubmed publisher
  3. Glancy D, King T, Glancy C, King N, Morgan J. Myocardial Infarction and Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Seen on an Infant's Electrocardiogram. Am J Cardiol. 2015;115:1779-80 pubmed publisher
    ..The clinical and electrocardiographic features of anomalous left coronary artery from the pulmonary trunk, ALCAPA, a frequently fatal congenital cardiac malformation, are described in an 8 1/2-month-old female. ..
  4. Atluri P, Glancy D. Leg Pain in a Manual Laborer. Am J Cardiol. 2015;116:1789-90 pubmed publisher
    ..In the second paragraph, either reinsert the comma after V1 in the fifth line or remove the comma after enlargement in the fourth line. ..
  5. Glancy D, Subramaniam P, Rodriguez J. Lower Extremity Paralysis. Am J Cardiol. 2016;118:1609-1610 pubmed publisher
    ..Repletion of potassium reversed all abnormalities in 24 hours. ..
  6. Hoang A, Ahmed J, Glancy D. Atypical Initiation of Typical Atrioventricular Node Reentry Tachycardia With a Ventricular Couplet. Am J Cardiol. 2016;118:936-937 pubmed publisher
    ..In a woman with sinus rhythm a couplet of ventricular premature complexes is followed by a retrograde P wave. A subsequent couplet of ventricular premature complexes is followed by typical atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia. ..
  7. Glancy D. Narrow-QRS and Wide-QRS Tachycardias. Am J Cardiol. 2016;118:146-8 pubmed publisher
  8. Glancy D, Aiello D, Atluri P. Electrocardiogram in a Young Woman With the Eisenmenger Syndrome. Am J Cardiol. 2016;118:305-6 pubmed publisher
    ..A young woman with an atrial septal defect and the Eisenmenger syndrome has worsening symptoms and electrocardiographic changes of right ventricular hypertrophy five years later. ..
  9. Glancy D, Amin A, Jain N, Helmcke F, Ayalloore S. Electrocardiograms in a Woman With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Am J Cardiol. 2016;117:697-698 pubmed publisher
    ..A woman with systemic lupus erythematosus and a regular supraventricular tachycardia continues to have electrocardiographic abnormalities after the spontaneous return of normal sinus rhythm. ..

More Information


  1. Glancy D. Chest Pain, Heart Murmur, and Changing Electrocardiograms. Am J Cardiol. 2016;117:1542-3 pubmed publisher
    ..Physical examination, electrocardiograms, and an echo-Doppler study document multiple consequences of a right coronary arterial occlusion. ..
  2. Glancy D. Syncope on a Hot Summer Day. Am J Cardiol. 2016;117:1998-2000 pubmed publisher
    ..In a 63-year-old man, episodes of ventricular tachycardia causing syncope and myocardial infarction are the first manifestations of triple vessel coronary disease in the absence of arteriographic evidence of a fresh occlusion. ..
  3. Glancy D. Dizziness Playing the Saxophone Secondary to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Am J Cardiol. 2016;118:777-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Because of this, a musician with the condition develops dizziness playing his saxophone which requires repeated and prolonged Valsalva maneuvers. ..
  4. Hanna E, Glancy D. The de Winter Electrocardiographic Pattern of Proximal Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery Occlusion. Am J Cardiol. 2016;118:1095-6 pubmed publisher
    ..An example of the electrocardiographic pattern of acute anterior myocardial infarction described by deWinter et al is presented, and its implications is discussed. ..
  5. Glancy D. Electrocardiogram in a 39-Year-Old Woman After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting. Am J Cardiol. 2016;118:623-4 pubmed publisher
    ..After coronary arterial bypass operation for angina pectoris without prior myocardial infarction, a 39-year-old woman has an electrocardiogram during right ventricular pacing that is highly specific for anterior myocardial infarction. ..
  6. Glancy D. Syncope and Dyspnea and Pulmonary Embolism. Am J Cardiol. 2016;118:463-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Failure to recognize ECG features consistent with acute cor pulmonale in a man with new onset syncope and dyspnea resulted in death from undiagnosed pulmonary emboli. ..
  7. Kawji M, Glancy D. Syncope, Junctional Premature Complexes, and Pseudo-Type II Atrioventricular Block. Am J Cardiol. 2018;121:775-776 pubmed publisher
    ..In a woman with syncope, junctional premature complexes and what appeared to be intermittent atrioventricular block suggested concealed conduction of His bundle extrasystoles. ..
  8. Kawji M, Glancy D. Hypotension and Left Bundle Branch Block. Am J Cardiol. 2017;119:1292-1293 pubmed publisher
    ..He was treated with an intraaortic balloon pump and percutaneous coronary intervention, followed by coronary artery bypass operation at a nearby hospital. ..
  9. Joseph A, Wilklow F, Olivier J, Joseph G, Glancy D. Angiosarcoma of the Heart Presenting as Subacute Pericarditis. Am J Cardiol. 2017;119:941-943 pubmed publisher
    ..A young woman, who presented with what appeared to be subacute pericarditis, was found to have primary angiosarcoma of the heart, a condition that is nearly always fatal regardless of the therapy. ..
  10. Kawji M, Glancy D. Repeat the Electrocardiogram!. Am J Cardiol. 2017;119:816-817 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, she had myocardial ischemia, and coronary arteriography revealed left main and triple vessel coronary disease. She went for urgent coronary artery bypass operation. ..
  11. Kawji M, Glancy D. The Value of Reciprocal Electrocardiographic Leads. Am J Cardiol. 2017;119:1490-1491 pubmed publisher
    ..1 mV ST-segment elevation in lead III, and virtually no ST elevation in leads II and aVF, striking ST-segment depression in lead aVL, the reciprocal lead to lead III, confirmed the diagnosis of acute inferior myocardial infarction. ..
  12. Kawji M, Glancy D. Chest Pain and ST-Segment Elevation in an 18-Year-Old Man. Am J Cardiol. 2017;119:1701-1702 pubmed publisher
    ..His electrocardiograms indicated evolving pericarditis. His echocardiogram showed mild, diffuse left ventricular hypokinesia, and his troponin I level peaked at 47.5 ng/ml. Thus, he had myopericarditis. ..
  13. Breaux D, Glancy D. Sinus Tachycardia With Variable QRS Morphology. Am J Cardiol. 2017;120:511 pubmed publisher
    ..Wolff-Parkinson-White-type ventricular preexcitation was recognized for the first time in a 67-year-old man four days after aortic valve replacement. The preexcitation was intermittent. ..
  14. Glancy D, Helmcke F, Hoang A. Bradycardia, Syncope, and Left Ventricular Noncompaction Cardiomyopathy. Am J Cardiol. 2017;120:716-717 pubmed publisher
    ..After placement of a dual-chamber cardioverter defibrillator 4 years ago, he has had no further syncopal episodes, and there have been no defibrillator shocks. ..
  15. Glancy D, Helmcke F. Double-Chambered Right Ventricle in a 49-Year-Old Man. Am J Cardiol. 2017;120:1037-1039 pubmed publisher
    ..Most patients with double-chambered right ventricles are diagnosed in childhood, but some escape definitive diagnosis until adulthood, as was the case in the patient described here. ..
  16. Glancy D. Acquired Heart Disease Superimposed on Congenital Heart Disease. Am J Cardiol. 2017;120:1903-1904 pubmed publisher
  17. Kawji M, Glancy D. Painless Mini-Wellens Sign 5 Minutes After Exercise in a Man With Previously Undiagnosed Total Occlusion of the Left Anterior Descending and Right Coronary Arteries. Am J Cardiol. 2017;120:2110-2112 pubmed publisher
    ..Coronary arteriography showed complete occlusion of the left anterior descending and right coronary arteries...
  18. Hanna E, Johnson C, Glancy D. Wide-QRS Complex Tachycardia. Am J Cardiol. 2018;121:275-276 pubmed publisher
  19. Hanna E, LeLorier P, Glancy D. Dynamic ST-Segment Abnormality. Am J Cardiol. 2018;121:390-391 pubmed publisher
  20. Hanna E, LeLorier P, Tadin D, Ortiz R, Glancy D. Malignant Early Repolarization. Am J Cardiol. 2018;121:520-522 pubmed publisher
    ..Structural and electrical causes of ventricular fibrillation in the young are presented along with a diagnostic strategy. Electrocardiographic features of malignant early repolarization are discussed. ..
  21. Kawji M, Glancy D. An 18-Year-Old Woman Who Was Found Down. Am J Cardiol. 2017;119:1124-1125 pubmed publisher
    ..An implantable cardioverter defibrillator was placed. After being free of symptoms for 1 year, she spontaneously developed torsades de pointes that was successfully terminated by the defibrillator. ..