- Goldstein


Affiliation: Duke University Medical Center
Country: USA


  1. Goldstein L. Statewide hospital-based stroke services in North Carolina: changes over 10 years. Stroke. 2010;41:778-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Although there was no change in stroke-related hospital-based organizational features between 1998 and 2003, there were improvements between 2003 and 2008, possibly reflecting programs aimed at developing stroke care systems. ..
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    Goldstein L. Potential effects of common drugs on stroke recovery. Arch Neurol. 1998;55:454-6 pubmed
    ..Understanding these pharmacological effects is important because several of the classes of drugs that impair recovery in laboratory experiments are used to treat coincident medical problems in patients who have had a stroke. ..
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    Goldstein L. Neuropharmacology of TBI-induced plasticity. Brain Inj. 2003;17:685-94 pubmed
    ..Additional research needs to be completed before the clinical efficacy of drugs that may enhance recovery can be established. ..
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    Goldstein L, Vitek M, Dawson H, Bullman S. Expression of the apolipoprotein E gene does not affect motor recovery after sensorimotor cortex injury in the mouse. Neuroscience. 2000;99:705-10 pubmed
    ..79, P=0.12). These data suggest that motor recovery after unilateral injury to the sensorimotor cortex does not vary with apolipoprotein E genotype. ..