Patti J Miller


Affiliation: Agricultural Research Service
Country: USA


  1. Cardenas Garcia S, Diel D, Susta L, Lucio Decanini E, Yu Q, Brown C, et al. Development of an improved vaccine evaluation protocol to compare the efficacy of Newcastle disease vaccines. Biologicals. 2015;43:136-45 pubmed publisher
    ..These results provide basis for the implementation of more sensitive methods to evaluate vaccine efficacy. ..
  2. Susta L, Diel D, Courtney S, Cardenas Garcia S, Sundick R, Miller P, et al. Expression of chicken interleukin-2 by a highly virulent strain of Newcastle disease virus leads to decreased systemic viral load but does not significantly affect mortality in chickens. Virol J. 2015;12:122 pubmed publisher
    ..This is consistent with the previously described role of IL-2 in enhancing the clearance of viruses in mammals, such as human respiratory syncytial virus. ..
  3. Costa Hurtado M, Afonso C, Miller P, Shepherd E, Cha R, Smith D, et al. Previous infection with virulent strains of Newcastle disease virus reduces highly pathogenic avian influenza virus replication, disease, and mortality in chickens. Vet Res. 2015;46:97 pubmed publisher
    ..The information obtained from these studies helps to understand the possible interactions and outcomes of infection (disease and virus shedding) when HPAIV and NDV co-infect chickens in the field. ..
  4. Dimitrov K, Afonso C, Yu Q, Miller P. Newcastle disease vaccines-A solved problem or a continuous challenge?. Vet Microbiol. 2017;206:126-136 pubmed publisher
    ..In this review, a historical perspective, summary of the current situation for ND and NDV strains, and a review of traditional and experimental ND vaccines are presented. ..