Anders Thorell


Affiliation: Ersta Hospital
Country: Sweden


  1. Gerber P, Anderin C, Szabo E, Näslund I, Thorell A. Impact of age on risk of complications after gastric bypass: A cohort study from the Scandinavian Obesity Surgery Registry (SOReg). Surg Obes Relat Dis. 2018;14:437-442 pubmed publisher
  2. Thorell A, MacCormick A, Awad S, Reynolds N, Roulin D, Demartines N, et al. Guidelines for Perioperative Care in Bariatric Surgery: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Society Recommendations. World J Surg. 2016;40:2065-83 pubmed publisher
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  4. Vujasinovic M, Valente R, Thorell A, Rutkowski W, Haas S, Arnelo U, et al. Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency after Bariatric Surgery. Nutrients. 2017;9: pubmed publisher
    ..Appropriate pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy should be part of the treatment algorithm in patients with confirmed PEI or symptoms suggestive of this complication. ..

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