Alberto Palazzuoli


Affiliation: University of Siena
Country: Italy


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    Palazzuoli A, Iovine F, Gallotta M, Nuti R. Emerging cardiac markers in coronary disease: role of brain natriuretic peptide and other biomarkers. Minerva Cardioangiol. 2007;55:491-6 pubmed
    ..We describe the most widely used laboratory tools in coronary artery disease with potential prognostic power that could provide incremental predictive information in clinical practice. ..
  2. Palazzuoli A, Ruocco G. Heart-Kidney Interactions in Cardiorenal Syndrome Type 1. Adv Chronic Kidney Dis. 2018;25:408-417 pubmed publisher
    ..The application of universal definitions for WRF/AKI definition would be the first step to achieve a clear classification. ..
  3. Palazzuoli A, Evangelista I, Ruocco G, Lombardi C, Giovannini V, Nuti R, et al. Early readmission for heart failure: An avoidable or ineluctable debacle?. Int J Cardiol. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..This is a necessary and it should become one of the most important targets to aim for in HF management and strategy. ..
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    Beltrami M, Palazzuoli A, Ruocco G, Aspromonte N. The predictive value of plasma biomarkers in discharged heart failure patients: the role of plasma BNP. Minerva Cardioangiol. 2016;64:147-56 pubmed
  5. Ruocco G, Cekorja B, Rottoli P, Refini R, Pellegrini M, Di Tommaso C, et al. Role of BNP and echo measurement for pulmonary hypertension recognition in patients with interstitial lung disease: An algorithm application model. Respir Med. 2015;109:406-15 pubmed publisher
    ..In patients with ILD, an algorithm including BNP, DLCO and echocardiography could be useful for non invasive screening of PH. ARTEMIS-HP trial; ID number: NCT00879229. ..
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    Palazzuoli A, Ruocco G, Pellegrini M, Beltrami M, Del Castillo G, Nuti R. Loop Diuretics Strategies in Acute Heart Failure: From Clinical Trials to Practical Application. Curr Drug Targets. 2015;16:1246-53 pubmed
  7. Palazzuoli A, Ruocco G, Pellegrini M, De Gori C, Del Castillo G, Franci B, et al. Comparison of Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin Versus B-Type Natriuretic Peptide and Cystatin C to Predict Early Acute Kidney Injury and Outcome in Patients With Acute Heart Failure. Am J Cardiol. 2015;116:104-11 pubmed publisher
    ..Elevated NGAL levels appear to be related to BUN increase and post-discharge outcome. This suggests a prognostic role of tubular damage beyond renal dysfunction. ..
  8. Palazzuoli A, McCullough P, Ronco C, Nuti R. Kidney disease in heart failure: the importance of novel biomarkers for type 1 cardio-renal syndrome detection. Intern Emerg Med. 2015;10:543-54 pubmed publisher
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    Palazzuoli A, Lombardi C, Ruocco G, Padeletti M, Nuti R, Metra M, et al. Chronic kidney disease and worsening renal function in acute heart failure: different phenotypes with similar prognostic impact?. Eur Heart J Acute Cardiovasc Care. 2016;5:534-548 pubmed
    ..Therefore it is extremely important to understand the origins, the clinical significance and the prognostic impact of WRF on CKD. ..

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  1. Palazzuoli A, Ruocco G, Beltrami M, Nuti R, Cleland J. Combined use of lung ultrasound, B-type natriuretic peptide, and echocardiography for outcome prediction in patients with acute HFrEF and HFpEF. Clin Res Cardiol. 2018;107:586-596 pubmed publisher
    ..Measurement of lung congestion at discharge provides prognostic information for patients with either HFpEF or HFrEF. ..
  2. Palazzuoli A, Beltrami M, Ruocco G, Franci B, Campagna M, Nuti R. Diagnostic utility of contemporary echo and BNP assessment in patients with acute heart failure during early hospitalization. Eur J Intern Med. 2016;30:43-48 pubmed publisher
    ..Significant PAP increase is a further factor influencing BNP elevation in patients with AHF during early hospitalization phase. ..
  3. Palazzuoli A, Ruocco G, Ronco C, McCullough P. Loop diuretics in acute heart failure: beyond the decongestive relief for the kidney. Crit Care. 2015;19:296 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, if loop diuretics are a necessary part of the treatment for acute heart failure, then there must be an approach that allows personalization of therapy for optimal benefit and avoidance of adverse events. ..
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    Palazzuoli A, Caputo M, Calabro A, Nuti R. Clinical impact of BNP and other emerging biomarkers in heart failure evaluation and management. Minerva Cardioangiol. 2012;60:183-94 pubmed
    ..We reviewed traditional and some of emerging biomarkers of potential clinical application in HF setting. ..
  5. Palazzuoli A, Nuti R. Heart failure: pathophysiology and clinical picture. Contrib Nephrol. 2010;164:1-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Clinical presentation depends on pulmonary congestion, organ perfusion, presence of coronary disease, fluid retention and systemic pressure. For these reasons, the picture of HF is widely varied. ..
  6. Palazzuoli A, Beltrami M, Gennari L, Dastidar A, Nuti R, McAlindon E, et al. The impact of infarct size on regional and global left ventricular systolic function: a cardiac magnetic resonance imaging study. Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2015;31:1037-44 pubmed publisher
    ..A multi-parametric score measuring WMSI scar transmurality and extension, could better identify an increased cardiac remodeling after coronary event. ..
  7. Palazzuoli A, Ronco C. Cardio-renal syndrome: an entity cardiologists and nephrologists should be dealing with collegially. Heart Fail Rev. 2011;16:503-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Therapy addressed to improve renal dysfunction, reduce neurohormonal activation and ameliorate renal blood flow could lead to a reduction in mortality and hospitalization in patients with cardio-renal syndrome. ..
  8. Beltrami M, Ruocco G, Dastidar A, Franci B, Lucani B, Aloia E, et al. Additional value of Galectin-3 to BNP in acute heart failure patients with preserved ejection fraction. Clin Chim Acta. 2016;457:99-105 pubmed publisher
    ..However it is related to diastolic dysfunction severity and LV stiffness in HFpEF. Gal-3 demonstrates a prognostic role independently from renal dysfunction in subjects with HFpEF. ..
  9. Palazzuoli A, Testani J, Ruocco G, Pellegrini M, Ronco C, Nuti R. Different diuretic dose and response in acute decompensated heart failure: Clinical characteristics and prognostic significance. Int J Cardiol. 2016;224:213-219 pubmed publisher
    ..HD and poor DE are two conditions associated with adverse outcome. Both situations are the consequence of previous detrimental clinical status and they appear strictly related to WRF occurrence. ..
  10. Palazzuoli A, Ceccarelli E, Ruocco G, Nuti R. Clinical impact of oral antidiabetic medications in heart failure patients. Heart Fail Rev. 2018;23:325-335 pubmed publisher
    ..In this review, we would analyze the specific effects of each class so as to better elucidate the clinical impact of antidiabetic drug on HF for guiding the clinicians in the choice of a best individualized therapy. ..
  11. Palazzuoli A, Caputo M, Fineschi M, Navarri R, Calabrò A, Cameli M, et al. B-type natriuretic peptide as an independent predictor of coronary disease extension in non-ST elevation coronary syndromes with preserved systolic function. Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2012;19:366-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Circulating BNP levels appear elevated in NSTEMI-ACS, without left ventricular systolic dysfunction. A BNP cut-off value of 80?pg/ml is a good predictor of CAD extension. ..
  12. Beltrami M, Ruocco G, Ibrahim A, Lucani B, Franci B, Nuti R, et al. Different trajectories and significance of B-type natriuretic peptide, congestion and acute kidney injury in patients with heart failure. Intern Emerg Med. 2017;12:593-603 pubmed publisher
    ..03). BNP reduction in AHF is associated with decongestion. BNP reduction associated with decongestion at discharge is a favorable prognostic indicator at 90-day survival irrespective of the AKI occurrence. ..
  13. Palazzuoli A, Ruocco G, De Vivo O, Nuti R, McCullough P. Prevalence of Hyperuricemia in Patients With Acute Heart Failure With Either Reduced or Preserved Ejection Fraction. Am J Cardiol. 2017;120:1146-1150 pubmed publisher
    ..32 to 4.28; p = 0.004). In conclusion, in AHF hyperuricemia is common in both in HFrEF and in HFpEF. In the HFpEF subgroup, hyperuricemia was the only independent predictor of heart failure hospitalization or death. ..
  14. Palazzuoli A, Gallotta M, Quatrini I, Nuti R. Natriuretic peptides (BNP and NT-proBNP): measurement and relevance in heart failure. Vasc Health Risk Manag. 2010;6:411-8 pubmed
  15. Palazzuoli A, Rizzello V, Calabrò A, Gallotta M, Martini G, Quatrini I, et al. Osteoprotegerin and B-type natriuretic peptide in non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromes: relation to coronary artery narrowing and plaques number. Clin Chim Acta. 2008;391:74-9 pubmed publisher
    ..OPG increase seems related to the number of plaques in the coronary vessels, suggesting its involvement in the coronary disease progression. BNP is also increased during NSTE-ACS and more associated to coronary narrowing. ..