Dario de Biase


Affiliation: University of Bologna
Country: Italy


  1. Danesi F, Kroon P, Saha S, de Biase D, D Antuono L, Bordoni A. Mixed pro- and anti-oxidative effects of pomegranate polyphenols in cultured cells. Int J Mol Sci. 2014;15:19458-71 pubmed publisher
  2. Acquaviva G, Visani M, de Biase D, Marucci G, Franceschi E, Tosoni A, et al. Prevalence of the single-nucleotide polymorphism rs11554137 (IDH1105GGT) in brain tumors of a cohort of Italian patients. Sci Rep. 2018;8:4459 pubmed publisher
    ..5%, p = 0.005). The IDH1105GGT SNP likely represents an important genetic marker, worthy of additional investigation to better understand the clinical and biological features of IDH-WT infiltrating gliomas. ..
  3. Dazzo E, Pasini E, Furlan S, de Biase D, Martinoni M, Michelucci R, et al. LGI1 tumor tissue expression and serum autoantibodies in patients with primary malignant glioma. Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 2018;170:27-33 pubmed publisher
    ..We also unveil the presence of serum LGI1 autoantibodies in some patients with high-grade gliomas, where they might play an epileptogenic role. ..
  4. de Biase D, Visani M, Morandi L, Marucci G, Taccioli C, Cerasoli S, et al. miRNAs expression analysis in paired fresh/frozen and dissected formalin fixed and paraffin embedded glioblastoma using real-time pCR. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e35596 pubmed publisher
    ..To the best of our knowledge this is the first paper demonstrating that the results obtained in miRNAs analysis using Real-Time PCR starting from FFPE specimens of glioblastoma are comparable with those obtained in Fresh/Frozen samples. ..
  5. Visani M, de Biase D, Marucci G, Cerasoli S, Nigrisoli E, Bacchi Reggiani M, et al. Expression of 19 microRNAs in glioblastoma and comparison with other brain neoplasia of grades I-III. Mol Oncol. 2014;8:417-30 pubmed publisher
    ..This study provides further data for the identification of a miRNA profile for glioblastoma and suggests that different-grade neoplasia could be characterized by different expression of specific miRNAs. ..
  6. Evangelisti C, de Biase D, Kurelac I, Ceccarelli C, Prokisch H, Meitinger T, et al. A mutation screening of oncogenes, tumor suppressor gene TP53 and nuclear encoded mitochondrial complex I genes in oncocytic thyroid tumors. BMC Cancer. 2015;15:157 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that nuclear genetic lesions altering the bioenergetics competence of thyroid cells may give rise to an aberrant mitochondria-centered compensatory mechanism and ultimately to the oncocytic phenotype. ..
  7. Fiorino S, Bacchi Reggiani M, Birtolo C, Acquaviva G, Visani M, Fornelli A, et al. Matricellular proteins and survival in patients with pancreatic cancer: A systematic review. Pancreatology. 2018;18:122-132 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, a better understanding of MPs role in regulation of ECM homeostasis and remodeling of specific organ niches may suggest potential novel extracellular targets for the development of efficacious therapeutic strategies. ..
  8. Morandi L, Franceschi E, de Biase D, Marucci G, Tosoni A, Ermani M, et al. Promoter methylation analysis of O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase in glioblastoma: detection by locked nucleic acid based quantitative PCR using an imprinted gene (SNURF) as a reference. BMC Cancer. 2010;10:48 pubmed publisher
    ..Using MS-qLNAPCR we demonstrate that even low levels of MGMT promoter methylation have to be taken into account to predict response to temozolomide-chemotherapy. ..