Genomes and Genes


U Haug


Affiliation: German Cancer Research Center
Country: Germany


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    Haug U, Hillebrand T, Bendzko P, Low M, Rothenbacher D, Stegmaier C, et al. Mutant-enriched PCR and allele-specific hybridization reaction to detect K-ras mutations in stool DNA: high prevalence in a large sample of older adults. Clin Chem. 2007;53:787-90 pubmed
    ..Our findings do not support the use of this assay for CRC screening, but its potential use for early detection of pancreatic cancer (in combination with other markers) requires further investigation. ..
  2. Haug U, Rothenbacher D, Wente M, Seiler C, Stegmaier C, Brenner H. Tumour M2-PK as a stool marker for colorectal cancer: comparative analysis in a large sample of unselected older adults vs colorectal cancer patients. Br J Cancer. 2007;96:1329-34 pubmed
    ..Possibilities to enhance specificity of the test should be explored. ..