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  1. Brody S, Fischer A, Hess U. Women's finger sensitivity correlates with partnered sexual behavior but not solitary masturbation frequencies. J Sex Marital Ther. 2008;34:343-52 pubmed publisher
    ..Results are discussed in terms of differences between different sexual behaviors, as well as susceptibility to reinforcement, and psychoanalytic views of conversion hysteria. ..
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    ..Future research might also examine possible occasional avoidance of ejaculation by some Chinese men. ..
  5. Jannini E, Rubio Casillas A, Whipple B, Buisson O, Komisaruk B, Brody S. Female orgasm(s): one, two, several. J Sex Med. 2012;9:956-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, the last Expert presented findings on the psychological scenario behind VAO. The assumption that women may experience only the clitoral, external orgasm is not based on the best available scientific evidence. ..
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    ..Results are discussed in terms of both the modulating role of blood pressure on a number of psychological functions and the role of parasympathetic tone in HRV, FSI, and possibly pair-bonding. ..
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    ..I discuss the results in terms of the unique nature of penile-vaginal intercourse and the study's implications for sex therapy and sex research. ..
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    ..Results are discussed in terms of dopaminergic effects of these substances, modulation of catecholaminergic and endothelial activity, and AA support of coping styles. ..
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    ..Over frontal-central regions, this shift was smaller during baroreceptor stimulation than during inhibition. These data provide support for the proposal that baroreceptor activation influences cortical activity. ..
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    ..Inverse associations between satisfaction and masturbation are not due simply to insufficient PVI. ..
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    ..Results are discussed in terms of specific features of the stimuli, dampening of pain in hypertensives, and adaptation to pain. ..
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    ..Activation of the genital sensory cortex by nipple self-stimulation was unexpected, but suggests a neurological basis for women's reports of its erotogenic quality. ..
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    ..Research on HIV/AIDS behavioural risk factors must include sophisticated methods for the assessment of self-report validity, such as the use of behavioural markers, improved lie scales and interview methods, and physical methods. ..
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    ..It is proposed that in general, lower blood pressures may be associated with greater pain during baroreceptor activation. ..
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    ..We recommend that resources be reallocated to address health care transmission of HIV/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. ..
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    ..Thus, during hypoglycaemia-induced sympathetic cardiac activation in healthy adults, parasympathetic mechanisms are involved in stabilizing mean HR. ..
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    ..Based on various empirical studies, we call for examination of the possibility that lack of vaginal orgasm (given an adequate man) should qualify as a female sexual dysfunction. ..
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    ..The health benefits associated with specifically penile-vaginal intercourse should inform a new evidence-based approach to sexual medicine, sex education, and a broad range of medical and psychological consultations. ..
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    ..The results indicate that minimum baroreceptor activity was associated with more severe pain, but had no effect on sensory detection threshold. The results are discussed in terms of the learned model of hypertension. ..
  39. Weiss P, Brody S. International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) scores generated by men or female partners correlate equally well with own satisfaction (sexual, partnership, life, and mental health). J Sex Med. 2011;8:1404-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Better erectile function was associated with greater VOC. Greater support for optimizing specifically PVI function, frequency, and quality is warranted. ..
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    ..004), and this effect was not predicted by hunger ratings. Our data provide new evidence that during hypoglycemia, attention is directed selectively to food-relevant stimuli. The results are discussed in terms of adaptation. ..
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    ..To realistically simulate HIV spread in sub-Saharan Africa's general population nominally due to heterosexual HIV transmission, parameter values should be based on the most accurate data. ..
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    ..The results indicate that those who perceive 'heterosexual transmission' led to many AIDS deaths have poorer psychological functioning, and might be less able to appreciate PVI. ..
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    ..Both odorant stimuli were rated as equally intense by the subjects, and heart rate and electrodermal activity were not affected differentially by the two odorants. ..
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    ..3) Promote safe health care practices equally for clients and staff. (4) Establish a zero-tolerance policy for iatrogenic HIV infections, with publicly reported monitoring and investigations. ..
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    ..Implications for diagnosis and sex therapy are noted. ..
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    ..The results are consistent with condom use during PVI being associated with psychological immaturity and predisposition to poorer mental health. ..
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    ..Greater support for these specific aspects of sexual activity is warranted. ..
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    ..More research and clinical attention might be given to immature defense mechanisms in cases of DSH. ..
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    ..In heavy smokers, the nicotine induced phasic blood pressure increases might have baroreceptor dependent pain dampening effects, which might be among the reinforcing qualities of smoking. ..
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    ..Given the lack of evidence for transmission of HIV to healthy persons by penile-vaginal intercourse, the improvement in injection safety is the best candidate for declining HIV and AIDS rates. ..
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    ..A significant differential negativity in the brain sites responsible for processing the UCS was obtained, which is attributed to the anticipation of the UCS after CS+ presentation. ..
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    ..Reflex amplitude was largest when elicited during the lowest levels of baroreceptor activation. These results are consistent with previous findings that baroreceptor activation reduces CNS excitability. ..
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    ..Pain threshold before smoking was the same for both groups. Deprived subjects had lower pre-smoke diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and arousal levels, which rose to equal minimally-deprived subjects' scores after smoking. ..
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    ..Stressful life events, symptoms of depression, social desirability scores, and religious behaviour were unrelated to attitudes toward and use of psychotherapy. ..
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    ..In addition, the superfluity of multiple variable measurements to study cardiovascular reactivity in such situations is discussed. ..
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    ..27 for absolute DBP. Males had greater SBP and DBP reactivity than females in the first session, but this reactivity decreased by the 4-year follow-up session (which was not the case for women). ..
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    ..AA appears to increase FSI, and the differential benefit to noncohabitants suggests that a central activation or disinhibition, rather than peripheral mechanism may be responsible. ..
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    ..We commend the emerging consensus to improve the safety of health care delivery. In countries with generalized HIV epidemics, we urge public education about the risks for HIV acquisition from unsterile health care. ..
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    ..We suggest that FSAD with and without distress be considered two different disorders. ..
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    ..The results are discussed in light of the unique nature of vaginal orgasm and the possibility of prenatal developmental influences. ..
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    ..The possibility of healthier people having greater resting HRV and more frequent orgasms through specifically PVI is also considered. ..
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    ..The long-term effect of this relief is initially to increase the frequency of such phasic increases, and eventually to produce a tonic elevation in blood pressure. ..
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    ..There were no significant predictors of systolic changes, and no sex differences. Results are discussed in terms of the learned model of hypertension. ..
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