Robert Colebunders


Affiliation: Institute of Tropical Medicine
Country: Belgium


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    Colebunders R, Tshomba A, Van Kerkhove M, Bausch D, Campbell P, Libande M, et al. Marburg hemorrhagic fever in Durba and Watsa, Democratic Republic of the Congo: clinical documentation, features of illness, and treatment. J Infect Dis. 2007;196 Suppl 2:S148-53 pubmed
    ..Treatment in isolation wards was acceptable, but the quality of clinical documentation was unsatisfactory. Improved clinical documentation is necessary for a basic evaluation of supportive treatment. ..
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    Colebunders R, Bukenya T, Pakker N, Smith O, Boeynaems V, Waldron J, et al. Assessment of the patient flow at the infectious diseases institute out-patient clinic, Kampala, Uganda. AIDS Care. 2007;19:149-51 pubmed
    ..A similar methodology could be used to evaluate and compare health service delivery systems for persons with HIV infection in Africa in order to identify the most efficient models of care. ..
  3. Colebunders R, Hendy A, Nanyunja M, Wamala J, van Oijen M. Nodding syndrome-a new hypothesis and new direction for research. Int J Infect Dis. 2014;27:74-7 pubmed publisher
    ..If confirmed, our hypothesis will enable new strategies to control NS outbreaks. ..
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    Colebunders R, Sleurs H, Pirard P, Borchert M, Libande M, Mustin J, et al. Organisation of health care during an outbreak of Marburg haemorrhagic fever in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 1999. J Infect. 2004;48:347-53 pubmed
    ..In contrast to Ebola outbreaks, there was little panic among health care workers and the general public in Durba and all health services remained operational. ..
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    Colebunders R, Bottieau E, Van den Brande J, Colpaert C, Van Marck E. Merkel cell carcinoma and multiple basal cell carcinoma in an African albino woman with HIV infection. HIV Med. 2004;5:452-4 pubmed
    ..Chemotherapy and radiotherapy were only temporarily successful. She died shortly after surgery was performed to remove the tumour. ..
  6. Abongomera G, Kiwuwa Muyingo S, Revill P, Chiwaula L, Mabugu T, Phillips A, et al. Population level usage of health services, and HIV testing and care, prior to decentralization of antiretroviral therapy in Agago District in rural Northern Uganda. BMC Health Serv Res. 2015;15:527 pubmed publisher
    ..Children appeared to be under-accessing testing and referral for treatment. Decentralization of ART services to a local health facility would decrease travel time and transport costs, making care and treatment more easily accessible. ..
  7. Deribew A, Abebe G, Apers L, Abdissa A, Deribe F, Woldemichael K, et al. Prevalence of pulmonary TB and spoligotype pattern of Mycobacterium tuberculosis among TB suspects in a rural community in Southwest Ethiopia. BMC Infect Dis. 2012;12:54 pubmed publisher
    ..We conducted a community based survey to estimate the prevalence of pulmonary TB and spoligotype pattern of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates in Southwest Ethiopia...
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    Colebunders R, Van Esbroeck M, Moreau M, Borchert M. Imported viral haemorrhagic fever with a potential for person-to-person transmission: review and recommendations for initial management of a suspected case in Belgium. Acta Clin Belg. 2002;57:233-40 pubmed
    ..Using universal precautions for handling blood and body fluids and barrier nursing techniques there is little risk that if a patient with viral haemorrhagic fever arrives in Belgium there will be secondary cases...