Genomes and Genes


Martyn A French


Affiliation: University of Western Australia
Country: Australia


  1. French M, Tanaskovic S, Law M, Lim A, Fernandez S, Ward L, et al. Vaccine-induced IgG2 anti-HIV p24 is associated with control of HIV in patients with a 'high-affinity' FcgammaRIIa genotype. AIDS. 2010;24:1983-90 pubmed publisher
    ..The role of IgG2 anti-HIV antibodies and FcgammaRIIa in the control of HIV replication should be investigated further. Inclusion of an IFN-gamma gene in DNA vaccine constructs might be a means of enhancing IgG2 antibody production. ..
  2. French M. Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome: immune restoration disease 20 years on. Med J Aust. 2012;196:318-21 pubmed
    ..A greater understanding of the immunopathogenesis of IRIS may lead to targeted therapies. ..
  3. French M, Center R, Wilson K, Fleyfel I, Fernandez S, Schorcht A, et al. Isotype-switched immunoglobulin G antibodies to HIV Gag proteins may provide alternative or additional immune responses to 'protective' human leukocyte antigen-B alleles in HIV controllers. AIDS. 2013;27:519-28 pubmed publisher
    ..We hypothesize that isotype-switched (IgG2+) antibodies to HIV Gag proteins and possibly IgG1 antip32 may provide alternative or additional immune control mechanisms to HLA-restricted CD8 T-cell responses in HIV controllers. ..
  4. McCloskey J, Martin Kast W, Flexman J, McCallum D, French M, Phillips M. Syndemic synergy of HPV and other sexually transmitted pathogens in the development of high-grade anal squamous intraepithelial lesions. Papillomavirus Res. 2017;4:90-98 pubmed publisher
    ..This pattern of disease in patients with warts is characteristic of a syndemic with potential serious increased risk of anal carcinoma. ..

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